2019 Checklist for Local, Interstate and Corporate To do

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An Office move can be stressful  exercise for you staff to embrace. Much more that arranging for furniture and equipment to e move a new address or new location. I got a better tips for you to follow since this topics covers a big scope and very important to take down notes. When you’re dealing with a business move, not only do you have to endure this, but you also have to deal with a disruption in your workflow.

  1. Know your perimeter
  2. Look for a better spot for parking space
  3. Gather the quotation info and details
  4. Prepare for check list In/Out
  5. Plan travel for day after moving out
  6. Plan for storage (if needed).
  7. Update and Always Inform


This is within the area move which billable from the times begins on arrival and ends on completion at the destination. Drive time between the origin and destination is billable. Measure within few miles away.

  1. Quote a head of time
  2. Prepare extra storages
  3. Call the driver five minutes before arrival date
  4. Take note of the belongings


You must planned of ahead of time and to get rid of delays so that, any circumstances encountered along the road will be foreseen. This may take 6-8 hours plus the distance you are going to. Some travel using a big van or a trailers truck to transport everything.

  1. Calculate the travel time from origin to next point.
  2. Prepare extra Storage boxes.
  3. Take note of the belongings