6 Tips for Moving During the Holidays Season | Xfinity Moving

6 Tips for Moving During the Holidays Season | Xfinity Moving

Tue, Dec 29, 2020 7:10 PM

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Holidays are considered by many people to be the most beautiful time of year. But running around in the middle of the holiday could mean you have to handle too many items in one go. It's easy to feel like an overworked Christmas elf between choosing what to pack, identifying the right movers, keeping an eye on the budget, and finding the right gifts. 

The good news, however, is that there are many ways to monitor how things are going to turn out for you by just being well prepared. We've just got the tips for traveling during the holidays to help you stay one step ahead of the game and make sure you don't think about the little stuff.

Moving Tips During Holiday Season

1. Smart Planning 

You have to be prepared to have twice the amount of stuff to arrange if you're going to travel during the holidays. With holiday activities and packing, you can find that you have blocked out your entire calendar. The trick, however, is finding a balance between the two. For the number of family visits and rituals that you will be able to host or attend, we suggest drawing a strict line. This way, both shifting activities, and holiday traditions will keep you from feeling stressed out. You could pencil out the days you have for celebrations if necessary, so you don't have to cancel celebrations entirely.

Feeling obligated to say yes to numerous holiday activities is also absolutely natural. On more than one occasion, this may occur to you. It's safest, however, to keep your moving interest at heart over the warm invites at times. You protect yourself from putting too many things on your plate this way. Try to limit yourself to make promises to friends and family as much as possible, which you know would be difficult to fulfill. 

Finally, we recommend that we stick to choosing forms to celebrate that are more doable and less demanding. Go for tried and tested recipes and stores for dinner where you have always been fortunate enough to find the right gifts and supplies. This way, by choosing what to prepare for a family dinner or what to buy for your relatives, you save yourself from mental contortions.

2. Ask For Help

This may sound straightforward, but give yourself permission to ask for assistance from family members, friends, and neighbors. While it's not as fun to pack up boxes as to put up the ornaments and decorations, don't overburden yourself with all the assignments. A moving company may as well be your friend in need. Relieve yourself by getting others on board from the piles of stuff you'll need to complete. Bear in mind that moving homes is not an easy job during the holiday season. And we suggest keeping a plan B in place in case you can't commit to implementing the move you visualized entirely. This may mean pre-reserving a storage unit so that you have the flexibility to postpone the unpacking task. Before you finally set up your house, a storage unit might also help to get you some more time in hand. In order to know the size of the storage unit, you would need, take a quick inventory of what you would like to store.

3. Send out Holiday Cards with Updated Address 

If you're going to move during the holidays, you can send greetings cards for the seasons along with your new address. Your Christmas cards or holiday greeting wishes might do the job of making the big announcement if you want to surprise friends and family members with the news. This way, you can still enjoy the tradition of sending out cards of good wishes, and you finally update your loved one about your new address. 

4. Book Flights  Early  

Preferably, during the peak holiday season, it is safe to reserve your flight tickets 62 days in advance. To prevent missing the flight you want, you'll want to book as early as possible. You could be spending too much by purchasing your tickets way too late, and this might hurt your moving budget.

5. Budget

In particular, consider what you want your holiday budget to look like, as you will already be shelling out a massive amount of cash for the moving project. Plan ahead and concentrate only on items that you would really need to spend on. Keep in mind that normal holidays require not only your time but also a lot of your money. And this budget you don't want to take lightly. To prevent splurging in the name of the holiday spirit, setting a cap is important. While most people like to spend a fortune on holidays, you'd want to cut down a notch on items. In normal situations, when it comes to the budget, it would probably be okay to not be this harsh on yourself. You have to remind yourself, though, that moving entails a lot of expenses. The cost of packing, ordering materials, renting a truck, loading plus unloading charges, and much more are related to expenses.

Also, because it's easy to lose sight of where your money goes, it's absolutely important to choose designated areas where you want to invest. You can feel pressured to offer a gift, but a transparent spreadsheet will help you keep track of whether you overspend. Keep in mind that by selling your clothes or well-kept things that you wouldn't be bringing to your new home, you might also make some extra money. Even, to keep the spending budget-friendly, take advantage of shopping sales.

6. Advance Visit

During the moving process, post offices, banks, schools, county offices, motor vehicle maintenance facilities are just a few of the locations you will possibly need to visit. It's only usual, however, that most offices and workers during the holidays take a break from their daily routine. Therefore, we will recommend that you schedule these visits well in advance so that you are not half finished with your paperwork. In fact, this may be a hiccup that you can very much prevent only by spending some time in order of significance to line up the visits. Try to figure out how business hours during the holidays can change and adapt to the daily schedule.

Over the holiday season, it is also likely that your doctor or employer may have gone abroad for a short ride. It may be counterproductive to walk into empty offices or to interrupt someone who may prefer to stay out of contact throughout the holiday season. But it's best to figure out a way to request transcripts, papers, certificates, or something else to reach them, long before the holiday season strikes, by email or in person. This way, for yourself and others, you are removing any needless tension from finding its way into the holiday spirit. or spending time away from an office desk, the holiday season is also a pretty sacred time, so make sure you have also taken your equal amount of leaves to prepare.

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