Complete Guide Moving Picture Frames and Mirrors

Complete Guide Moving Picture Frames and Mirrors

Thu, Mar 18, 2021 8:16 PM

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Although simple things like books and pillows are easy to pack (just throw them in a cardboard box), delicate items like picture frames and mirrors are more difficult. These fragile products must be packed with care, otherwise, they will not arrive in one piece at your new home. The easiest way to ensure that delicate household objects are properly packed and shipped is to employ skilled movers to do the job for you. However, we understand that many of you would rather save money by moving your own stuff.

You can pack and move sensitive things from one home to another with the right packing supplies. Here's how to move picture frames and mirrors.

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How to prepare and pack mirrors and picture frames the right way?

Begin with supplies and planning.

First and foremost, you need the right boxes and supplies to transfer mirrors, picture frames, artwork, and other delicate flat-lying objects. When fragile items are placed in the incorrect boxes, they are much more likely to be broken or damaged when they arrive at their new home. You'll need the following moving supplies to ensure that your mirrors and picture frames arrive safely at their new location.


To label all of the boxes, you'll need a sharpie marker. This way, when you move into your new house, you won't have to go looking for those mirrors or artwork. All will be well-labeled and easy to find.

Protection for the corners

Picture frames and rectangular mirrors can be secured from breaking by using corner protectors within the moving package.

Cushioning with packing paper and/or bubble wrap

To fill in the gaps between your items and boxes, you'll need a lot of packing paper and/or bubble cushioning. This filler will help hold your products in place during transit and prevent them from being crushed when inside the package.

Banker Boxes

These tough boxes are ideal for transporting loose frames, photo albums, and other paper objects. They're made of cardboard and have lift-off lids and easy-carry handles. Bankers Boxes can also be stacked, making it easier to store and arrange them after a transfer.

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Packing Tapes

When it comes to packing and moving cardboard boxes, strong packing tape is a must. To hold your boxes together and closed when in transit to your new home, invest in good tape with a solid adhesive.

Telescopic options for picture and mirror boxes

Photo and mirror boxes are made especially for preserving, transporting, and exporting delicate mirrors and framed art. These boxes secure the entire item by encasing it in a protective shell and can usually accommodate at least 65 pounds.  Large  Mirror and Picture Box, which can also be telescoped together with another box to fit even larger mirrors, canvas art objects, or framed artwork, is one such box we suggest.

Shipping Tubes Made of Cardboard

Do you have a lot of loose posters and big art prints to move? To carry these products, we suggest obtaining appropriate-sized cardboard shipping tubes.

To pack, follow this step-by-step guide.

1. Gather your materials mentioned above.

2. Put a protective coating on top of something with glass before moving it. On top of the bottle, there may be a layer of bubble cushioning, Glassine, or both. Use tape to keep it in place.

3. Use corner protectors on the mirror or picture frame's corners if necessary.

4. Cover the ground with several sheets of packing paper. Place the glass-side-down mirror or picture frame on top of the packaging paper. Wrap the packaging paper around the item and lock it. The more layers of protective wrap you need, the more fragile the object is. Using packing tape to hold it intact.

5. As a bottom layer of security, place packaging paper within the picture and mirror package. Place the covered mirror or picture frame within the box after this has been stuffed in. To fill any holes, wrap the item in extra wrapping paper or bubble cushioning.

6. Use packing tape to protect the mirror and picture box. Make sure the package is labeled with the appropriate mirror or picture frame. It should also be labeled "FRAGILE" on both sides.


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