Expenses to Consider When Relocating Overseas

Expenses to Consider When Relocating Overseas

Mon, Oct 18, 2021 11:19 PM

Long Distance Moving

Learn about some of the expenses and what you should expect for your budget associated with moving overseas.

It is exciting to move to another country, but it comes with many challenges as well. If you're traveling for work, or just a change of scenery, as opposed to cross-country, here are some additional expenses you might need to remember while moving abroad.


Immigration and Customs


Many countries let you import household goods up to a certain amount, however, they tax you for those products above that amount. Make sure you know what those limits, as well as the combined value of everything you bring, are for your new home country. To prevent both taxes and the risk that they will get lost or damaged in transit, you may want to consider leaving some of your more valuable things at home.


Updates to Visas and Passports


You will need to apply for a visa to check that your passport is up to date and will not expire for at least six months after your expected departure date (assuming you have an expected departure date) if you are moving to a country where you don't already have citizenship. All those documents come with their own fees and charges to be updated, so be prepared to pay them.


Costs to consider when relocating overseas




It's much more expensive to get your stuff for you when you go abroad. You have to ship it, and that always costs more than the typical cross-country transfer. Bear in mind that most shipping companies charge by weight, so you may be better off paring it down or leaving it home and investing in an e-reader when it comes to stuff like your book collection.




Do your homework before deciding whether to bring your pet(s) with you. Your pet friend(s) may be better off finding a new family to take care of them, depending on the customs and immigration laws of your new home. If you can bring your pet(s) with you, make sure that you investigate the best way to do that, as well as the related expenses. Ideally, you'll want to take them with you on the plane, and at the very least, if you don't already have one, you'll need a crate or special carrier, so add it to your moving costs.


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For yourself, the same goes. You'll need plane tickets instead of only paying the cost of petrol to transport yourself and any other members of your household to your new home, and you'll also have to pay additional fees for checking in your luggage, depending on which airline you select.




It could make sense to sell or give away whatever you don't want to take with you if you're never planning to come back, but if you're only going for a few months or years, then it might make sense to put some of your things in temporary storage while you're away.



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