Fun Activities That Will Help You Feel at Home After You Move

Fun Activities That Will Help You Feel at Home After You Move

Wed, Aug 11, 2021 5:00 PM

Long Distance Moving

After the movers have left, the boxes have been unpacked, and you've checked everything off your safety and security checklist, you can experience some unwelcome anxiety. How long until this new house or apartment feels like a home, you might wonder?

Try not to be concerned. It takes time to settle into a new home, and you can only move so quickly through the process. There are a few simple, enjoyable activities you may perform to help in the transition


Host A Casual Get-Together


It isn't only that you have relocated to a different location. It's because you've moved into a new neighborhood, and few things will make you feel more at ease than getting to know the people who live there. Throwing a party is an excellent reason to introduce yourself to your neighbors.

If throwing a party and knocking on people's doors isn't your thing, reach out to folks who live in the nearby vicinity of your new house. Even if you don't become best friends, they're the folks you'll most likely interact with.


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Grow A Tree


Planting a tree in your yard, if you have one, is another enjoyable pastime that will make your house feel more like home. It's a lovely way to mark the occasion of your relocation. A tree records the passage of time as it develops, and it becomes a metaphor for your own growing roots in the community.


Inviting Out-of-Town Visitors


Invite friends or family members to come to see you as soon as you can once you've moved. After all, when you open your doors to others, a house truly becomes a home, and this is especially true when it's with the people you care about.


Fun Activities That Will Help You Feel at Home After You Move


Write yourself a Letter


Every move is a significant transition, one that is accompanied by powerful emotions. Another approach to memorialize your move, channel those emotions, and begin the shift from house to a home is to write a letter to yourself. Try to capture as much of this time of your life as you can, and it will become a treasured document as you make new memories in your new home.


Create a Mini-Library


Building a Little Library outside your home, where your neighbors can take and leave books, is a fun way to get involved in your new neighborhood right away. Projects like this serve to strengthen ties to the community by encouraging chance meetings. It's also a terrific method to repurpose books that you'd rather give away than keep.


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Send a Card With Your New Address on It


When you move, it's usual to inform everyone who matters about your new address. It's simple enough to send a mass email to your network of relatives and friends these days, but why not go old school and send it via mail? Using a service like Shutterfly, you can easily turn a snapshot from your virtual house tour into a postcard.


Give a Virtual Tour of Your Home


Take a lot of images during and after your relocation so you may give a virtual house tour on social media afterward. Making your new house or apartment seem like your home begins with showing it off. It also serves as a motivator to finish unpacking, organizing, and decorating. After all, you want those images of your new home to look fantastic.


Intentionally Get Lost


Another fun thing to do if you're new to the area is to go for a drive and get lost on purpose. When you come to a junction, choose a random way and watch where it takes you. It's a fun way to learn about your new surroundings while also increasing your confidence as you negotiate new roads and traffic patterns.


Participate in Geocaching


Knowing a place better than visitors and passersby is part of feeling like you have a home. That's why geocaching is a fantastic pastime to try once you've relocated, especially if you have children. As you search for hidden caches, you'll begin to see your neighborhood in a whole new perspective, as if you're someone who knows all there is to know about it. Once you've gotten to know your neighborhood, another enjoyable activity is to create your own cache for others to uncover.


Treat Your Relocation as if It Were an Anniversary


Treat moving as a special event by eating dinner at a local restaurant. This celebration is not just something you can enjoy every year if you choose, but it's also a terrific way to get to know a new community.




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