How to Budget A Long-Distance Move?

How to Budget A Long-Distance Move?

Wed, Oct 28, 2020 6:55 PM

Long Distance Moving

It is much easier to travel across the area, or even within the same state than to travel across the interstate. Due to the distance to be covered, moving costs are usually higher, but that doesn't have to mean going way over what you've budgeted for your move.

When calculating the costs of an interstate move, we've set out the key items you should remember, plus a few surprising items that might pop up along the way. In this article, we will show you how to plan a long-distance move.

Plan for state partial-year taxes

The difference between interstate and intrastate moving? For one, laws and taxes. Brush up on the tax laws in your state as well as the state you'll be calling home soon. For the portion of the year you lived there, most states require you to pay state taxes, so you can prepare ahead by estimating the various tax rates you'll need to pay. For those who are self-employed or independent contractors and do not have taxes automatically deducted, this is particularly relevant!

For the little details, set aside money 

In a new state, you will need to register and inspect your vehicle, get a new driver's license, change your vehicle and health insurance, register your pet in new state ... the little details begin to add up after a while, particularly if there are large fees for the state you are moving to. In order to decide what it would cost to register your car and get a new license, you can do some study ahead of time, and use it as the bare minimum for your "small information" category while you are budgeting for a long-distance move.

Budget for your new home to move into

To comfortably move into your new house, deposits, changing the name of services, and all those little things like blinds, shower curtains, and cleaning supplies are important, but they can be overlooked. Don't expect all of it to be covered by your deposit from your last home, because your last landlord could take a little while to return those funds. Before you leave, review your lease and confirm it with your landlord to ensure you get it back as soon as possible.

long distance moving checklist

Deciding how much you're going to take with you

By renting a smaller truck or having less assistance from your movers, you can reduce the expense of your interstate transfer if you can downsize your belongings, which usually decreases the quoted rate. It can add a helpful cushion to your relocation fund to sell any (or all!) of your larger furniture and save you a lot of money on trucking them down the highway. Experiment with including and not including your larger products when you get your quote from interstate movers, to see how the price changes. This can be a game-changer if you want to travel interstate on a budget.

DIY or Professional movers?

This option could have a huge effect on the cost of moving interstate, but you can influence the way you handle your transfer. It could cost less upfront to hire a truck and do the driving yourself, but do you have that much time before you need to start your new job? Or would it be more cost-efficient to use professional movers or a moving company to get your belongings delivered so that you can start settling in? Should you fly or drive? Bear in mind that petrol, food along the way, and accommodation would also be included in the cost of driving.

Check to see how much of the travel costs the company can pay if you are moving for a job. To make a financially prudent decision about which route to take, use that number.



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