How to Make an Office Move More Fun

How to Make an Office Move More Fun

Thu, Sep 9, 2021 3:28 PM

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Most people don't think of moving their business as fun. There are, however, methods to reduce the tension and make it more pleasurable for everyone. Many companies who are developing and looking to expand their offices and headquarters are forced to relocate. After all, growth is impossible without expansion.

Here are some ideas for making your next office relocation more enjoyable, from including your employees in the process to celebrating the small victories.


Inform Your Employees About the Move


Before you pack a single item, make sure your staff is on board with the move. You must first notify them of your relocation. Put it in writing, organize a meeting, post whatever it takes to ensure that they are aware of the relocation, where it is taking place, and when it is taking place. Inform them of the change before informing shareholders, clients, or the general public. To empower your employees, you must keep them informed at all times so that they feel included.

Get your employees enthused about the upcoming relocation. Inform everyone about the expanded workplace space. Inform them that they will each get a larger office or cubicle. Thrill them with the new state-of-the-art kitchen or the fresh cookies made every day at 3 p.m. in the cafeteria. Whatever the benefits are, it's generally the small things that motivate individuals.

Make your team members excited to test out the new location by providing free gym memberships. Give your staff allowances to buy furniture for their offices if you can afford it. Put them in charge of how their office looks and functions, which is yet another reason to support the change.

If the new space is close by, give them a tour. If not, send them virtual tour links. If your employees find that the new location is closer to their house or their children's schools, they will be overjoyed. Send them links to local attractions such as coffee shops, museums, lunch, and happy hour spots, and so on.


Celebrate the Move


It takes a lot of effort to pack up an entire office. It's time to celebrate when you've reached your goal. Small accomplishments, such as packing up the supply cupboard, can be rewarded with coffee from the neighborhood coffee shop. You could also wait till everything is finished and have a party at the new office space with catered food and drink. You can even show off the new location to clients, customers, and business associates.

Whatever it is, it is critical to commemorate such a significant achievement. To familiarize your personnel with the place, provide them welcome packets for the new office, building, and neighboring city. Personalized presents, such as water bottles, keychains, and other little signs of appreciation, can also be included.

Tell them you've promised to maintain the break room filled with fresh fruits and drink, as well as a treat or two, to keep them going throughout the day.


Include Staff Members in the Process


According to studies, employees who are part of an office relocation would look forward to it and will be more willing to assist. Hold a meeting with your staff and ask them the elements they wish to see in the new location. Get their feedback on the layout, features, benefits, furniture, and even stress-relieving facilities like rock-climbing walls, ping pong tables, and video games.

When you listen to what your colleagues have to say, they will feel instantly valued. Allow them to offer their thoughts and opinions on anything from the new color scheme to the office layout.


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Appreciate Them


Team members who have participated in the relocation on a regular and active basis should be rewarded for their time and work. Prizes and other incentives should be given out to encourage more individuals to participate. For example, solicit suggestions for innovative conference room names. Reward someone with a gift card to a nearby restaurant if they remain late to assist pack.

However, incentives do not have to be expensive. They could be as simple as a coffee cup with the company's logo on it. On a Friday afternoon, you could buy pizza for your employees. To keep them energized in the days leading up to the office moe, keep plenty of refreshments available, load the break room with coffee and bagels, and keep the fridge stocked with sports drinks and soda.


How to Make an Office Move More Fun


Consider Hiring an Office Mover


Without the work and dedication of your team members, a large move of this magnitude would not be conceivable. They can't, however, do everything. It's not reasonable to ask your employees to transport and pick up heavy pieces of equipment. In reality, it may not be legal, and it can certainly result in a worker's compensation issue. You could be held accountable if they are injured while assisting you with your move.

This is why it's critical to employ trustworthy office movers with prior relocation experience. They can securely and thoroughly pack and carry any of your items, from office supplies to electronics to furniture moving. They know how to move huge objects and bring all of the necessary equipment to ensure that it is done safely and efficiently. Their moving trucks also have climate control and practical amenities like lift gates and air-ride suspensions.

Experienced movers are knowledgeable about the logistics of your move and can ensure that everything runs smoothly.


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