Reasons Why People Use Storage Units

Reasons Why People Use  Storage Units

Wed, Jul 13, 2022 5:53 PM

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Have you ever thought about why self-storage facilities all over the place have been popping up? What could individuals possibly bring inside those storage units? Why is storage used by people, really? 

Keep on reading to know why people use storage units. We had a general understanding of who our clients were and why they had to rent from us but we wanted to find out more about it. Our customers told us the key reason they wanted extra storage in a subsequent survey. 

A whopping 41% of surveyed clients said they needed storage for traveling. The next biggest pool was 17% of clients who claimed they were using storage for de-cluttering purposes. Do you want to know why people use storage units for other reasons?


Reason Why People Use Storage Units


Why People Use Storage Units


To compensate for the stress of moving. 


When we travel, there are so many different situations we find ourselves in. Moving appears to be a stressful process, regardless of whether we move to another state or to our first home. 

Renting a storage unit temporarily may also provide a solution to some common moving problems. Read on during a move for some of the common reasons people could rent a storage unit.


To have space at home for more. 


Even before consultants exist, there was a powerful wish for people to pare down. We are often not in a position to get rid of possessions, however. They could belong, or we have a sentimental connection, to another family member who is out of town. 

Many individuals would rent a storage unit temporarily so that they can slowly go through the process of decluttering and keep their home clean. Individuals with an interior decorating experience may also use storage units to move from time to time to house decor.


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To keep vehicles secure. 


Other than just their vehicles, clients store more. During the offseason, RVs, bikes, and boats can all be found at self-storage facilities. Many individuals do not have a sufficiently wide driveway or garage to store their toys, so one of the more economical storage choices is always storage units. 

There are more options than inside a typical storage unit to store a car or truck.


To effectively organize the renovation of a house. 


You may not be going, but you have chosen to rip the back of your house apart and create an addition. Storage units allow homeowners to clear the room requiring renovation so they can live peacefully.


To store the belongings of a loved one. 


If a loved one passes away, going through their house is not the first thing on everyone's to-do list. There is typically, however, a drive to clear the house so that it can be sold or leased. 

In their later years, if your parent or grandparent didn't downsize, sometimes the amount of stuff can be daunting. When things are a little less raw, customers coping with a loss could put products into storage and process them. 

It can make emotions run a little less hot by waiting for a short time before going through the belongings of a loved one. When individuals have healed more mentally, an item you would have battled over could be done with a little more grace and less rage.

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