Should You Use Open-Air Transport Auto Transport To Move Your Car? 

Should You Use Open-Air Transport Auto Transport To Move Your Car? 

Wed, Jan 13, 2021 10:25 PM

Long Distance Moving Auto Transport Services

The choice of how to move one's car is a familiar problem for those relying on a long-distance trip. Although some can drive it on their own, many don't have the patience and time to drive across the country for thousands of miles. And it can easily turn into a really big hassle with all the other demands that moving to a new location requires. We highly recommend hiring a competent car shipping company to transport your car to make it simpler on your own.

Many car shipping companies, if not most, would put cars on open-air carriers to move cars from one location to another. With a two-level trailer on the back that hauls all vehicles, these open-air carriers are usually 80 or so feet tall. Most definitely, you've seen these car transporters on the highway when driving. However, given the lack of siding and roof security by the carriers, they do present potential customers with a few challenges. 

We can help if you're struggling over the option of whether or not to move your car via open-air auto transport. Here are a couple of the benefits and drawbacks of using open-air car carriers, as well as a few alternatives to car delivery. ( Learn more about Auto Transportation )

Benefits of Open-Air Auto Transport 

The price is one of the main benefits of getting an open-air shipping company. Compared to other car shipping options, shipping your car in an open-air carrier would certainly save you huge money, even having an enclosed carrier. While enclosed car carriers have benefits, they appear to cost far more than open-air alternatives. If you're planning to ship several cars to your new home, the most affordable and realistic alternative would definitely be to use an open-air carrier.

Another benefit of using open-air transport is that if your vehicle is damaged in any way, the driver will be able to instantly inform you. This quick access to inspection gives peace of mind to clients. 

Finally, customers will not have any trouble finding a reliable shipper near them because open-air car shipping companies are very popular and common. On a few weeks' notice, or even at the last minute, anyone looking to book their shipment would be more likely to find an open-air car shipper that fits their requirement.

Drawbacks of Open-Air Auto Transport 

The biggest drawback of open-air car shipping is the fact that there are no sides or cover on the trucks. These trailers are exposed to the elements, unlike sealed car carriers. This means that your car could be harmed if it rains, snows, or hails. 

Safety is another problem when choosing open-air shipping for cars. Since cars are exposed to harm and break-ins, they are more prone. For this reason, when putting the vehicle on open-air transport, it is typically safer not to leave something in your car.

As several cars are carried by open-air carriers, it can take longer to get your car back. This is because all the cars must be dropped off by the driver, and you will have to wait as they drop off the other cars first, depending on where your car falls in its queue or travel schedule. 

Finally, door-to-door service is not provided by any open-air car carriers. A few involve the client at a local center to actually pick up their vehicle. Given that you haven't got your car back yet, this can be hugely annoying. Many car transporters, however, do provide door-to-door service, so be sure to inquire.

Looking for open-air car shipping for your car? 

Once you've agreed that the route for you is to hire an open-air car shipping company, make sure to verify whether the companies considered are insured and licensed. On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, We recommend reviewing them all as well as credentials.

Here at Xfinity Moving, We provide auto transport quotes for free. You can be assured that any car transport company with which we partner is authorized, insured, and ready for all the difficulties associated with your needs for car transport. 

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