What Is the Average Moving Cost?

What Is the Average Moving Cost?

Wed, Nov 4, 2020 5:35 PM

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If your lease is about to end or you are approaching your new property's closing day, you have probably asked yourself the question: "What will be my average cost of moving?". And this is completely understandable since it is the price of the next move that is of great concern to almost all soon-to-be movers.

You may have heard the quote that what makes the world go round is money, and chances are that you may not like that statement especially. However, it is largely meaningless whether you like it or not, as you will soon learn that once you face a new house transfer, it is practically the dollar bills that will make the truck wheels go round and round before the destination city or town is reached.

For the average cost of relocation, You would have a much better understanding of the average moving costs for your local or long-distance moving after reading this post. Of course, the first job you need to do is to determine what form of moving service to use, and since there are few choices available for you, for each of them.

The American Moving and Storage Association notes that the average cost of moving an interstate household is about $4,300 a distance of 1,225 miles and the average cost of moving an intrastate is about $2,300 ($200 per hour for 4 movers). The estimated moving cost of both is 7,400 pounds.

Average full-service movers expenses

If you have opted to use full-service moving companies for your transfer, it will be the most costly choice to transport your belongings in most situations. If you move from one state to another, the cost of moving would be dependent on the distance between the old and new places and the total weight of the items you own.

For instance, if you move from Boston to Chicago, and you live in a four-bedroom house, your average moving cost will go over $10,000 with a full-service moving company. But if you transfer locally from your old place within 100 miles, this cost will be based on an hourly rate and will vary from business to business.

The average moving cost will also depend on the additional services you chose to obtain from your mover that is needed to complete the house move successfully. Therefore, if you want to get your household goods professionally packed, then you would have to pay for the extra packing service and maybe unpacking after the transfer is done.

The national average cost of hiring packers for local moving is about $60 per hour per packer, but through research, at about $40 per hour per packer, you should be able to find cheaper skilled packing services.

Your full-service moving company should also be able to provide you with a range of other accessory services you may need: disassembly and reassembly of large and heavy furniture pieces, crating of extra-fragile and super-value items using sturdy wooden crates, temporary storage of your items in their storage facilities until your new home is ready for those possessions, and even hoisting of your items in their storage facilities.

Ensure that you have an accurate cost estimate from your movers that covers all the additional moving services you are going to pay for.

Average Moving Cost

What are the typical moving-house costs?

For local moving, the average moving price is $25 per hour for each mover. Depending on your location within the country, however, the price may be higher. Accordingly,

  •  Studio apartment: 2 experienced movers working an average of $25 each per hour for 3-5 hours = $150-$250 to complete the whole moving job.

  • Two-bedroom apartment: three local movers working an average of $25 each per hour for 5-7 hours = $375-$525 to get the job done.

  • Three-bedroom house: 4 local experienced movers operating at an average of $25 each per hour for 7-10 hours = $700-$1000 to complete the transfer to the house.

  • Larger homes: for larger homes (5,000 square feet and up), the projected local moving costs are rising sharply and can hit prices of about $1500-$2000, and even more.

A reliable moving company costs depending on the number of movers and trucks used during your move to further expand on the average moving cost for a 4 bedroom house, so the expense for a 4 bedroom house would be about $150-170 per hour for 4 professional movers and a large moving van that can accommodate all your belongings. Most moving companies do not have any extra packing costs on top of this moving cost.


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Your average moving bill would be much lower if you are in a mood to pack your belongings and pack every room, than if you prefer to have skilled movers do the packing for you. It can take more than 12 hours for a four-bedroom house to travel from one town to another. In this scenario, with no packing included, the total moving expenses would be about $1800-$2500.

It is also important to be aware of the extra local moving costs that, whenever necessary, you can expect to be paid.

  • For $25-$35 per hour, you can easily order packing and/or unpacking services, usually with the cost of packing materials included.

  • Depending on the complexity of your local move, additional fees might be available. The final price could be higher due to the unnecessary flight of stairs, the long distance to the moving vehicle, or an abundance of bulky and heavy objects. In advance, discuss with your local moving company the likelihood of extra costs.

  • If you are very pleased with the work of your hired men and want to reward their efforts with well-deserved tips, it is traditional to prepare cash in cash. And if that is the case, the overall cost of the moving service would rise by 10-15 % of the total cost of the moving. Be aware that it is not mandatory to tip local movers, but and every hard-working crew member is always respected.

Average hourly local moving costs

If you move around the city or locally, then it is necessary to understand how the moving price is produced. Throughout your local transfer, here are 3 things you can bear in mind so that you do not get an unexpected surprise when it's time to cover the expenses at the end of the relocation.

  1. Depending on your exact location, local moving costs will vary greatly. Yet, at the completion of your short-distance house move, our average moving cost example will give you a clear idea of how much money you should be prepared to spend.

  2. Local movers bill on an hourly basis, regardless of the type of operation they are currently conducting. That is, regardless of whether they are packing, carrying your household items outside your home, loading these same household items into the moving vehicle, driving to your destination, unloading your items, or carrying all your pieces of furniture, household appliances, and cardboard boxes over the threshold of your new apartment or building, the hourly rate remains unchanged.

  3. If you have no idea what the word travel fee means, then soon enough you will probably learn its meaning. This fee includes the fuel costs and the time taken by your local moving company to reach your home and then drive back from your second location. Usually, you will be paid a travel fee equal to 1 hour of regular work associated with movement.

Average travel cost of cross-country moving per mile and pound

Now that you have a much better understanding of what the average moving expenses are for local moving, let's look at the average moving expenses for cross-country moves. The first thing to consider here is that the price of long-distance relocation is generated in a completely different way and measured. For instance, for using the services of a top-rated long-distance mover, you should not expect to be charged by the hour. Instead, 3 major factors will decide the final price:

  • Distance. The longer the distance between your current home and the house to which you are moving, the greater the cost of relocation. And because you will not be able to assert much control over the mileage between the two houses, focus on the influential variables of the next two prices.

  • Weight of shipping. It's easy to guess that the more household items you want to transfer to your new home, the greater the weight of the whole shipment, and the more money you will eventually be required to pay. Fortunately, when you chose to do the smart thing to trim the number of your belongings to their absolute minimum, this highly rational relocation price factor would also allow you to save hundreds of dollars.

  • Additional services. The price estimates you receive from long-distance movers should include the basic criteria of the move, plus any additional moving services you have ordered, such as packing, unpacking, disassembly of furniture and/or reassembly, etc. You will also be paying extra for handling specialty things including piano transport, a hot tub, a heavy safe, a pool table, etc. Therefore, be prepared to be paid extra for any accessory service you require or that may have become required to completely complete the job.

What are the average cross-moving costs?

The most important thing to note here is that only the estimated values that will serve you well to get a general view of what your cross-country transfer would cost you are the following moving costs. In practice, exact values are merely impossible to state due to the fact that all final moving prices are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Even though you and your next-door neighbor moved to one and the same town in another part of the world, both of you would ultimately pay a different sum because you would have a different number and nature of household goods for transportation and depending on your specific needs and preferences, you would require different additional services, and you would use the professional service

If we presume that you are heading to a new city that is precisely 1,000 miles away from your starting point for the sake of convenience, then you have the following average price examples:

  •  Apartment studio. All household objects contained in a studio apartment weigh about 1800-2000 pounds, and if you move out of one and your new home is conveniently located 1,000 miles away, you can expect to pay no less than about $1500, excluding any additional facilities.

  • Apartment with 1 bedroom. On average, the household goods inside a one-bedroom apartment will weigh between 2500 and 3500 pounds, meaning you can pay for a move without any accessory moving services within the price range of $1800-$2500.

  • Home with 2 bedrooms. The things included in a two-bedroom residence weigh between 5000-6000 pounds, so if you travel to a place that is, say, 1000 miles away, then you should be paying no less than about $3500-$4200 as a base price with no additional skilled relocation services included.


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