Why You Should Never, Ever Try to Live in Your Storage Unit?

Why You Should Never, Ever Try to Live in Your Storage Unit?

Tue, Nov 9, 2021 11:17 PM

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Where would you go if you were abruptly evicted from your house due to financial difficulty or a natural disaster? For some, this may imply living with relatives or friends. Others may choose to live in a storage unit and maintain their stuff there. While renting a storage facility may appear to be a reasonable solution, it is neither sustainable nor secure.


Is it Possible to Live in a Storage Unit?


Various municipal and federal housing rules make it illegal to live in a storage facility. To comply with the law and most insurance plans, storage facilities must evict anyone found living on the premises.

There are legitimate reasons for this restriction. To begin with, living in a storage container is dangerous.

In another case, due to health concerns, authorities were forced to evacuate many individuals from a storage facility. It is also prohibited to live in an area that is not zoned for residential use, according to the authorities.


Is Living in a Storage Unit a Common Practice?


Despite the fact that renting a storage unit is substantially less expensive than renting an apartment, the majority of people do not prefer to live here. People who are desperate and homeless try to live in storage facilities, if only for a short time. People living on-site are not widespread, although they do occur when there appear to be no other options.

People who live in storage units are less likely to be found in well-kept facilities with security cameras and closed gates. Management at each of our locations is proactive in monitoring our facilities, thanks to Life Storage rules.


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Where Can I Find Assistance?


If you know someone who is struggling and doesn't know where to turn, we recommend reaching out to the storage facility's personnel. They are familiar with the situation and frequently have access to local food banks and shelters. They can act as a liaison and assist you in getting back on your feet and being transported to a safe location.

The facility may also be able to provide you with a storage container for your existing items while you work on getting back on your feet. Management should not, under any circumstances, allow you to remain on the premises. It is against the law to do so.


Why You Should Never, Ever Try to Live in Your Storage Unit?


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Why Is It So Dangerous Living in a Storage Unit?


Here are just a handful of the many reasons why it is prohibited to live in a storage unit due to safety concerns.

  • Cooking inside a unit can cause a fire : A fire within a storage unit could be caused by a multitude of factors. People attempting to use stoves or grills without sufficient ventilation is one of the most likely causes. Unfortunately, persons who live in storage units are frequently to blame for fires.

  • You will be arrested; Most storage facilities are well-equipped with cameras and security measures, so hiding in a storage unit for an extended period of time is improbable. You could face civil charges and lose access to your unit and belongings if you are caught.

  • From the outside, the doors are locked: The majority of storage unit doors are roll-up garage doors that lock from the outside. In many storage facilities, management is also responsible for conducting repeated walkthroughs throughout their shift to ensure that all doors are closed and locked. This operation is carried out to ensure the protection of renters' goods, but if you live in a unit, you may find yourself trapped inside. At best, this could make you feel claustrophobic for the rest of the night. In the worst-case scenario, this could result in fatalities.

  • There are no natural light or windows: Natural light is an important aspect of psychological health. Because of poor living conditions, people who live in storage units may become sad, sluggish, and claustrophobic. Children, in particular, can suffer from a lack of space and light.

  • There is no running water in storage containers: If you choose to live in a storage unit, you'll have to spend most of your time outside or sitting quietly and discreetly inside because it's unlawful. In either case, your bathing and bathroom options will be limited. Without access to fresh, running water, personal hygiene decreases, and health problems might arise.


It's impossible to estimate the scope of the problem since it differs by region. Homelessness manifests itself in a variety of ways, and an unknown percentage of those who are homeless attempt to live in storage containers.

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