Xfinity Moving Tips: How To Make Unpacking Fun

Xfinity Moving Tips: How To Make Unpacking Fun

Fri, Apr 2, 2021 4:54 PM

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Although most people hate the decisions and organization that come with unpacking after a move, there are ways to make the process more enjoyable. 

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Process for packing

The excitement starts during the packing process. Before you pack your things, make sure you have a selection of colored markers on hand. Each space should have its own color scheme. Make your kitchen green and your master bedroom blue, for example. As you pack, label your boxes with the appropriate color. When you get to your new place, tell your movers about your color scheme so they can find out where to position your belongings.

Label Your Boxes

In relation to color-coding, label your boxes on a scale of one to ten, with one being the least important and ten being the most important. You'll be able to prioritize and grab your vital boxes first when you get to your new location because they'll have the most numbers.

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Make packing fun with your kids

If you make small children, have them take the markers and draw pictures of the things inside, keeping to the color scheme. For instance, why not let them loose on the bathroom essentials box? the one you've stocked up on soap, towels, and toilet paper in. Their artwork may not be of many benefits to the movers, but it may make the children feel more engaged in the process, and the drawings may help to lighten the mood of an otherwise dreary mission.

Just the Essentials

Fill a bag as if you're going on a weekend outing, in addition to your necessities. Pack enough clothing and toiletries to last the first few days as you unpack your wardrobe and bathroom.

Place the first few boxes by the front door after you've emptied them. One should be labeled "donate," while the other should be labeled "discard." You'll undoubtedly come across items that make you wonder why you packed them when you unpack your belongings. Put them in the right box to reduce the workload.


Flatten the boxes while you unpack them. Seeing how the flattened boxes stack up will give you the boost of trust you need. If you have children, have them go through the leftover wrapping paper and make sure you didn't throw something away by accident. If you want to call it a treasure hunt? – You've won even though they come up empty-handed!

Tips for unpacking

To make unpacking more enjoyable, try the following ideas:

Make it a challenge. Who will be the first to empty a box? What if there were no breakables? the quickest
After every five boxes, reward yourself with a drink and/or snack break.
Bring some music with you and listen to music as you unpack. 

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