How to Hire a Great Long Distance Moving Company

Moving falls in the list of one of the most stressful things to do in one’s life. However, when you have a long-distance moving company that can take care of your long-distance moving needs, then you are more likely to enjoy the experience.

However, when hiring a long-distance moving company, some specific things should be taken into consideration. So that one does not fall prey to the hands of swindlers. Below are some tips to follow when hiring a company for their long-distance moving services:

  1. Searching: Using keywords such as movers, long-distance companies when searching is recommended. Like most people in this world, you can turn to Google when searching for specific services. Using keywords such as Movers, long moving companies, and Moving companies near me is a great way to find a licensed moving company. Make sure the company has a website that displays their license.
  2. Customer Review Research: You can search for customer reviews online, most specifically on social media platforms. We suggest making use of social media than website reviews because most companies will never publish their bad reviews. However, on social media platforms, honest reviews can be found. Also, you can check the rating of the long-distance moving company you plan to use on online directories.
  3. On-Site Estimate: A company representative should come out to do an on-site estimate, especially on more significant moves. Be wary of companies that want to do over-the-phone estimates alone. Make sure to obtain a written quote before hiring a company. A quote should be provided by the company explaining in detail, the different charges and the expected price for the job. Most importantly, the written quote should include Full Value Insurance somewhere. Again, this is hard to do without an on-site walk-through.
  4. Security Deposit: Do not pay a hefty security deposit. Most moving companies require a security deposit. The deposit ensures that if you back out last minute, then the resources used to prepare for the job will not go to waste. However, reputable companies will not ask for more than a 10% security deposit. You should only pay the full amount upon delivery of your goods. And before paying, make sure that all the items are delivered in good condition.
  5. Meets Your Needs: What this means is that there is a place for using one’s discretion. This might involve asking others what they think about the long-distance moving service company and doing some background research to see that they can meet your needs.

Haven followed these tips above, be confident that the long-distance moving company will know that they are in contact with someone who knows their options well.

At Xfinity Moving, we meet all the necessary conditions stated above, and that is why the long-distance moving service we offer is top-notch. The reviews we have received from our customers put us among the best long distance moving companies. Feel free to contact us for whatever long-distance moving service you require.